On Togetherness
Magnus The Masseur, who massaged almost non-stop for two days to delighted clients, soaked in Integration afterwards. He said “Thank You! As two soaks in two nights sorted me out. I also used Bayari’s uplifting aura spray to end each massage which was a real treat for both recipient and myself. I wanna get some more”Happy to be of service, Magnus! This man is incredible, folks!
Here’s his website if you fancy a deeply therapeutic and transporative massage
On Kalimera! Coffee Body Scrub
“It’s like nothing else I’ve tried. Picture a lotus flower in my own bath!!! Try it and experience what I mean. Deep, silky, transforming and… messy. Yes, very messy! But absolutely amazing. Because after the cleansing and the rubbing and the shower, the results are divine. Get in the beautiful mess of earthy gifts. My nails got totally black and then when they were clean they looked so healthy. This is an exquisite product.”  Adriana Candeias, Health and Life Consultant
On Bewitched…
“I arrived back from NZ jet lagged and groggy and ran myself a bath and soaked with the Bewitched! plus the organic apple cider vinegar that comes with it. It was bliss and I felt much better afterwards. Am keeping the other soak for another time. It was blissful and just what I needed.” Jo Tocher, holistic therapist
On Serenity
“In the darkest hour of civilisation, I reached for Serenity. It looked so lovely in the water and I was soothed.” Geraldine Brennan, actress
On Exotic Moon Bath
“What an amazing creation!” Jai Michelle, musicial artist
On Awaken the Wild Heart
“I can feel the love poured in and the artistry. The bath I took with your potion was fantastic and Giles jumped in after me because it smelled and looked so gorgeous.” Katrin, artist
More lovely feedback

“Your potions transform the water into magic bliss. My potion felt so precious to me. I showed it to all my sisters and they were so inspired. Nobody can make potions like you do. Gloriously unique and special in every way. Sensual majestique.” Sarah Hickson

“I had the best sleep of the year after using your bath salts with Magnesium!” Dominique Lepard

“I had the most gorgeous bath using your wonderful potions. The love and care that is in them is palpable.” Avanti Shivpuri, spiritual teacher and healer”Cannot wait to get in and have a soak!! ❤ The Aura spray is just Divine too!! I’m one happy Goddess!” Keridwen Ishqsophia Davis, Founder of Divine Essence

“I have literally been floating through my weekend. Sprayed my room before bed and had the best sleep in months…no..years…and the bath…oh my…I am already looking forward to my next one” Eileen Quashie, singer