Lakshmi Aura Spray: Let’s Bring the Light

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Lakshmi Aura Spray: Let’s Bring the Light

An alchemical aura spray to welcome more abundance, beauty, good fortune and joy into your life.

Lakshmi is a Hindu Goddess, one of the most universal and most celebrated. She is both very magical and practical, and loves us to conjure her up to assist our lives. She feels so alive right now!

I started the creation process on 13th November, Lakshmi / Venus / Goddess Day. Lakshmi soaked up the Diwali (Festival of Lights) I created, then and New Moon in Scorpio ceremony. So it’s super-potent.

Showering your life with blessings, Lakshmi has these messages for us (channelled when creating this edition):
✨ Lakshmi wishes us to step into her energy and light…and to bring this light to others who have temporarily lost their way
✨ To receive abundance, let’s move into the vibration of joy as best we can (this spray will lift your spirits!)
✨ Give, yes, and give freely… but only if it’s coming from a place of non-sacrifice. If this isn’t possible, then give, give, give to yourself until you feel full
✨ Celebrate! Enjoy as many moments of celebration as possible. This is what Existence wishes for us. Maybe celebrations take a different form this year. Embrace it all❤️
✨ Get your glam on! This isn’t superficial but actually another way to raise our vibration & that of those around us. Sparkle away…
✨ Cosmic bounty awaits us when we don’t cling to anything…learning how to open ourselves to free flow, giving & receiving (being kind to ourselves is key)

“The Lakshmi spray has arrived and it is truly divine!! I sprayed it and a huge wave of emotion, joy, fulfillment surged up!” Jo


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Amber bottle atomiser. Grande size (100ml). Comes gift-wrapped with alchemical information and channelled messages

Vibrational medicine base, super-charged with crystals, cards, sound and more. Laced with collodial silver and Rose Gold Elixir

Essential oils are:
Holy Basil
Clary Sage

8 reviews for Lakshmi Aura Spray: Let’s Bring the Light

  1. Kate Allison (verified owner)

    Exotic and cleansing

  2. Marjorie (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I love it !

  3. VANESSA COMPTON-PIERCE (verified owner)

    My Lakshmi Aura spray came so beautifully wrapped. Such a pleasure to receive it in this special way. The spray itself smells divine. There is a potency about this product that feels like it has been prepared with real spiritual attention to detail.

  4. Ilse (verified owner)

    Felt like receiving an early Christmas present! Beautifully wrapped, heavenly smell, and I also love the letter with more information. Bayari is the goddess of potions!

  5. Kathie Swinfield (verified owner)

    Beautiful , both warm and cleansinfg fragrance, lush x

  6. Tracy (verified owner)

    I had been working so much and was feeling tired and headachy when my beautifully gift wrapped bottles arrived. The coolness of the spray and divine essence wafted around me landed like a mist that lifted me – my headache disappeared. I love this Aura spray thankyou:)

  7. Martha (verified owner)

    This is my new perfume! And I use it daily in my space for my spiritual creations. My daughter sometimes comes in and sprays this around us to clear the energy and connect back to love ♡

  8. Stevie (verified owner)

    It smells lovely and makes me feel very relaxed and at ease.

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