Kalimera! Coffee Scrub – baby


A Greek coffee, lavender, malva,¬† coconut and almond oil body scrub. It stimulates the circulation and really awakens us – hence Kalimera – “Good Morning” in Greek

This was inspired after a morning swim in the Aegean, when I came out of the sea and massaged in coconut oil… I could smell coffee¬†from the local taverna, and the wild flowers on the beach and loved the heady mix of fragrance…

Coffee is particularly good for sluggish feeling bodies… and if you feel in need of polishing and sprucing up, it works a treat!

“I feel like diving into a huge pool of it and swim through this amazing luscious herbal coffee mud… it takes all kinds.” Dr Adriana Candeais

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Highest quality Greek coffee, fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, Greek malva flowers – plus Greek & Scottish lavender. Wild raw herbal honey from Greece. Natural pumice and apricot shells

60g jar


Shell not included. Do check out artist Amy Harrison’s work on Bee Happy Creations


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