Integration Bath Potion


I designed this potion for sacred self-care after deep, intense workshops.

It weaves in…

Frankincense, to remind us of our sacred space

Vetiver, for grounding and to prepare for future journeys

Californian white sage that has been in ceremonies, plus Starchild red sage

Scottish heather, to help transform our energetic states Blood orange essential oil, which offers a warm feeling of safety and brings us back to our centre

Clary sage, to harness our inner wisdom  24k gold leaf… to always find the gold in our experiences

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Contains  Slavic, Epsom and Himalayan salts – plus magnesium flakes for muscle and brain downtime and deep rest

A jar has enough for two luxury baths or one super bath. I recommend creating space for at least half an hour to allow the potion to do its thing

Contents: 200g. Total weight 350g


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