Golden Kisses Lip Balm Gift Set


These lips balms are deeply nourishing¬†with top quality oils and sacred medicine ~ Pulver’s 24k gold oil ~ which has many healing properties and is a beauty amplifier. It can help make lips look and feel more plump and is so silky and sensual.

A slick of glam colour from naturally occurring mica completes the balm.

The colours are named after constellations as the gold is “medicine from the stars, the original particles of the solar system” ~ Charlotte Pulver

Gold connects us to our divine nature and is deeply restorative.

I look forward to hearing about your golden experiences with these balms! Here’s a ‘lil video of me making them




7 in stock (can be backordered)



A trio of tinted lip balms, travel size (5g). Aquila (new gold mica), Lyra (hot red mica) and Musca (deep lilac mica).


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Shea Butter
Beeswax, purified, UK source
Vitamin E (gelatine-free)
Mica for colour (natural mineral)
Pulver’s 24k gold oil

All ingredients are food grade and totally safe to ingest.

Gift bag included.


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