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“Golden Glow – the ideal balm for the Golden Age” Angelina, BBB client

A deeply nourishing balm for body and face with 24k gold and highest quality ingredients.  Transforms your skin and enhances your luminosity. A little goes a long way.

I create it with loving intention:
⚜️ Infusing with the power of the Sun – through crystals, divination and the Sun itself
⚜️ Amplifying the healing properties of the oils through ritual
⚜️ Blending Rose Gold Elixir oil containing 24k gold to bring glow & radiance to even the most parched skin
⚜️ Attuning the balm to Angelic vibration as a blessing for your skin and soul

The scent is a majestic concoction of Frankincense, Neroli, Spanish Orange and Immortelle. “This is skin medicine.” May Charissa Boroff

About the essential oils
⚜️ Frankincense – a sacred, healing oil with rejuvenating, anti-aging properties. Helps regenerate and repair skin cells. Enhances relaxation and helps open the third eye
⚜️ Neroli is one of the ultimate beauty queens, Cleopatra’s, favourite scents. A powerful aphrodisiac!
⚜️ Immortelle (helichrysum italicum) A precious oil bringing the esoteric quality of immortality. Helichrysum is derived from the Greek word helios meaning sun and chrysos meaning sacred or gold.
⚜️ Sweet Orange – for sunshine and a sense of celebration

It’s many Goddesses “go-to” moisturiser for body and face. The high vibe energy of it, charged with crystals, cards and angelic vibration, means it’s healing and protecting.




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Organic wild-crafted raw shea butter (main ingredient)
Organic coconut oil
Organic carrot oil
Pure cosmetic grade beeswax
Rose Gold Elixir with 24k gold flakes
Essential oils: Wild-crafted Frankincense, Organic Neroli, Sweet Orange, Organic Immortelle

120 ml. Comes in amber glass jar

8 reviews for Golden Glow Winter – Grande

  1. Mrs S H S (verified owner)

    Heavenly velvety balm, golden sunshine in a pot. Beautifully rich, thick and melty. I use it as lip balm and body moisturiser. The lovely colour, luxurious texture and subtly bewitching fragrance make me feel like an empress.

  2. May Charissa Borroff (verified owner)

    What?!!! I’m glowing!!! Thanks to Golden Glow Multi Balm! Performance wise, opening the jar to a grounding earthy high quality Neroli and Sandlewood perfume, this balm smells like it means business! First time twisting the lid off to a pristine with appearance of vanilla fudge set in the jar, totally strokeable! Lovely texture kind of firm but easy to pick up a small amount on the finger tips, melts into the skin really nicely, not to quickly so can travel across the skin with good coverage but not too solid or waxy that would take a lot of rubbing or drag on the skin. Only a small amount is needed for good coverage, It glides and glows! It seems to breath life into my skin and gives me a translucent radiance that looks natural but with a hint of magic glimmer, kind of a double taker, with an uncanny glow, not like a lot of those over the top metallic even robotic faces that I see people wearing around nowadays. Golden Glow is just magical! My mum loves it! Friends in the know say ‘you’ve got it on again haven’t you’ with a smile, been sharing with friends as they’re putting a little on their face asking if they are glowing and we’re all excited cheering each other on saying ‘yes! Yes!’ And ‘mmm smells nice!’ I love going to work wearing a golden glow of protection on my face and body, I’m really looking forward to glowing my way through the autumn and winter this year! Two weeks of daily use and some stubborn eczema I’ve had since my 20’s on my eyelids has healed and gone! I was in real need of allowing myself some luxury, this is now part of my self love positive affirmation ritual because it is the ultimate positive affirmation to massage Golden Glow Multi Balm into my body. This is a perfect gift to yourself, to your mum and your vibe tribe. I loved watching Bayari’s interview by Illumina and hearing how she makes this skin medicine alchemically, consciously and magically with loving intention and felt like the right thing to treat myself to but got more than I bargained for. This is next generation body care! Alchemical conscious energy body care! Treat yourself and glow! Looking forward to try Bayari’s Aura spray!

  3. Juliette (verified owner)

    Am a Golden Glow devotee and totally addicted to the wonderful smell, texture and way it makes my skin feel. The subtle blend of neroli, sandalwood and coconut oil is so evocative and I love the way you take a scoop of heaven and watch it melt as you work it in to your body and face. I also love the way Bayari adapts the blend slightly for summer and winter – keeping the base notes but keeps you guessing. That’s what seasons are all about! ❤️

  4. megan b. (verified owner)

    Smells fabulous and so soft on skin

  5. Kathie Swinfield (verified owner)

    Divine balm, a treat for the skin and lovely goddess glow x

  6. Martha (verified owner)

    Love this product and especially because it’s made with so much love & magic by beloved Bayari ♡
    Thank you for your creations!

  7. Meike (verified owner)

    Supersuper! Smells divine; great on my skin. I absolutly adore this Golden Glow Winter

  8. Stevie (verified owner)

    Smells divine. I love the glow it gives to my skin.

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