Embrace your inner witch…

A deeply cleansing potion with ceremonial sage (purple and red), Somerset rosemary plus an alchemical blend of oils.

It comes with a mini-bottle of organic apple cider vinegar to add to the bath. This deepens the cleanse and tones your skin.

Eucalyptus – relieves muscle pain and helps exhaustion.  Deva message: “I am ancient and I adapt to suit my environment. I can show you how to live wisely, honestly and in balance”

Wintergreen – warming, soothes aches & pains and stimulates the blood

Pine – magical properties include strength and rejuvenation

Niaouli – a healing oil for auric  cleansing, it brings clarity and easeful focus. Lifts your spirits! A witch’s secret oil revealed

Best to bathe in this at night, then go straight to bed. Magical deep sleeps await.

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Salts: magnesium, Epsom, Himalayan, Dead Sea

A jar has enough for two luxury baths or one super bath. I recommend creating space for at least half an hour to allow the potion to do its thing

Contents: 200g. Total weight 350g


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