Sacred Symbol Crystal Charms by Amy of Bee Happy Creations


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This year I’ve had the pleasure of meeting spiritual artist, Amy Harrison, who creates the most extraordinary, energetically charged pieces of jewellery, magic wands and, especially for you beloved Beauty by Bayari clients… these sacred tree charms! Adorn your tree then wear as a pendant all year round (comes with everything you need).

I personally love having a little piece of Amy on me every day. I rarely wore necklaces until I met her. I highly recommend the magic her art awakens in life! Here’s what these charms evoke, in Amy’s words:

“Around this time, the noticeable increase in the virtues of humanity, leave a warm and tingly glow, like childhood memories of munching Mum’s mince pies by a crackling coal fire! And, every year, my Christmas wish vibes that these virtues be remembered in every way on every day of the year

And so it inspired me, let me create Christmas tree charms, that can transform to be worn in all seasons. Designed to remind, with fun and flow, the spirit of peace, love and joy, everywhere you go!”




All handmade with reiki energy

Every piece has personal blessings

They bring love, joy and protection on their new adventures

Each piece has a corresponding poem: they are ordered with the photos of each charm.
Feel free to connect with Amy or myself for more information.

A hearty peace pendant for chakras that glow,
With cosmic squiggles and crazy flow..!!

The great ‘Eye Aum!’
This Shiva stone has been used for hundreds of years to bring back joy and eliminate fears.
In a protective circle of chakra healing to focus your mind and enhance your dreaming!

Blue Jasper for the throat chakra
For help making clear, your intentions for the coming year.
With the Earth vibration healing of Aum, find strength and courage to always be ONE!

This little ‘peace’ has Christmas all wrapped up,
Entwined with amethyst to bring infinite LOVE..!
It helps you leave bad habits behind,
Enhances psychic abilities and calms the mind..!

Grow in peace, magical moon stone, May higher abilities and visions be shown.
With Earthy, green aventurine, To raise intentions, pure and clean,
Nurturing of your nature connection, intuition and psychic protection.

From Mother Earth to Father Sky,
May peace run deep and leaves grow high.
Entwined in chakra protection, To enhance your flow, balance and connection.

Spiralling into Infinity, with bright chakra glow,
And beautiful symmetry, To help you know,
You are grounded and connected.. wherever you go..!

Infinity includes its many tangents, but wherever they go, they always return to ONE, sacred flow.
Chakra colours to balance and energize your being, With quartz to enhance your psychic seeing..!


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