Awaken the Wild Heart


Awaken the Wild Heart was inspired by a cherished women’s gathering, Magic of Shakti. It has ceremonial sage, red rose blossom and a heart-opening blend of essential oils, including rosa damascena – symbolic of beauty and love. It includes peony, a flower of healing and beauty, much loved by the Ancient – and modern Greeks – who believe it symbolises prosperity.

This potion also contains hibiscus flowers, which have been woven into love potions and rituals for many centuries. There’s tuberose essential oil ~ so fragrant, wonderful for calming nerves and cosmic alignment. This is an oil associated with Mary Magdalene and priestesses throughout time. 

I’ve added a miraculous healing oil Pulver’s 24k gold oil, plus 24k gold leaf – so we can now bathe in gold.

This potion is to awaken, transform and deeply nourish.



Contains Mediterranean, Celtic and Himalayan salts – plus magnesium flakes for muscle and brain downtime and deep rest.

A jar has enough for two luxury baths or one super bath. I recommend creating space for at least half an hour to allow the potion to do its thing

Contents: 200g. Total weight 350g

“I can feel the love poured in and the artistry. The bath I took with your potion was fantastic and Giles jumped in after me because it smelled and looked so gorgeous.” Katrin, artist, Magic of Shakti attendee


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