King Solomon Bath Potion


King Solomon – a wise king who was put to the test by the Queen of Sheba,  and proved his valor! This potion is for wisdom, remembrance and sensuality. It’s an alchemical concoction with

Sage – ceremonial white and purple sage to cleanse and increase wisdom!

Myhrr ~ well known to the ancients for it’s powerful sacred vibration

Vetiver ~  grounding, earthy, expansive and very sensual

Frankincense – to elevate personal and spiritual love. It is a symbol of strength and sovereignty and the masculine energy of the heavens

Sweet marjoram ~ naturally healing and muscle reviving

24k gold

As a longtime fan of Kate Bush, I created this potion to her song (and lots of versions of it!) Song of Solomon:

“The song of Solomon
The song of everyone
Who walks the path
Of the solitary heart
The soul cries out”


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Contains Mediterranean, Celtic, Dead Sea and Himalayan salts – plus magnesium flakes for muscle and brain downtime and deep rest

A jar has enough for two luxury baths or one super bath. I recommend creating space for at least half an hour to allow the potion to do its thing

Contents: 200g. Total weight 350g


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